hacker attacker stalking hack [the best one]

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hacker attacker stalking hack [the best one] Empty hacker attacker stalking hack [the best one]

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 15, 2014 10:52 pm

I thought I'd add my modification (not sure

if this is the best place to put this):

Hacker Attacker (NTSC-U) [mdmwii]
C27E4C9A 00000003
3DE08000 5460063E
1E600004 926F1534
60000000 00000000
0600153C 00000148
4HH00000 3DC0809C
81CED110 81CE0020
3E408000 C232153C
82721534 7DCF7378
7DCE9A14 3E608034
40820024 82721530
2C130000 40820010
82721538 3A730004
92721538 3E608034
40820010 3A600001
92721530 4800000C
3E600000 92721530
82721538 82521534
7C139000 3E408000
4082000C 3A730004
92721538 A26FFFF6
82521538 7C129800
3E408000 4080000C
41820008 4800000C
3E600000 92721538
82721538 7DEF9A14
81EF0000 81CE0000
81CE0024 81EF0024
81CE0008 81EF0008
81CE0008 81EF0008
39CE0010 39EF0010
7C0EF000 40820054
C02F0068 C32F006C
C2EF0070 EF39882A
60000000 60000000
C22F00F4 D23E00F4
C22F00F8 D23E00F8
C22F00FC D23E00FC
D03E0068 D33E006C
D2FE0070 EC5C0232
EC3D01F2 ECA001B2
EC84182A 485A90A4
D03E0068 485A9084
2834XXXX 0000ZZZZ
045AA700 4BA56E40
E0000000 00000000
2834XXXX 0000WWWW
045AA700 D03E0068
E0000000 80008000
2834XXXX 0000QQQQ
0600153C 00000008
40000000 3DC0809C
E0000000 80008000
HH = height (40 is good)
XXXX = controller address
YYYY = switch
ZZZZ = activate
WWWW = deactivate
QQQQ = attack (hold)

I've starting hacker hunting. The most one

can usually do to annoy hackers is bump

into them, and that only works if they

aren't using a bullet bill or

invincibility. I recommend using an

infinite star or bullet bill code with this

(if a star, try a heavy combination like

Bowser in the Flame Runner/Bowser Bike or

Piranha Prowler). Remember that hackers

won't see you stalking the same way you do,

so you won't bump into them as much as you


I removed no-clipping from mdmwii's

stalking hack (the lines starting with

0488D250) and added an activator that

changes the stalking height while held down

(last four lines, the middle two of which

are similar to the 5th and 6th), so you're

only bumping into them once you've chosen

the right person (ethical hacking here!). I

also pointed out the height modifier and

which activator actually activates the

hack, so you don't automatically switch

victims when activating.

The PAL and JP versions can be modified

similarly, so I think they'll work the same


Not unique to this modified version, but

someone I once stalked stalked me, and we

kept flying higher and higher until one of

us deactivated. Very Happy

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