Particle Eleminator [Luis35000vr] (All Regions)

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Particle Eleminator [Luis35000vr] (All Regions)

Post by ┬┐EvilVance995? on Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:54 am

Particle Eleminator -PAL-
049EB4EC 00000000
049EB4F0 00000000

Particle Eleminator -NTSC_US-
049E777C 00000000
049E7780 00000000

Particle Eleminator -NTSC_JP-
049E4F5C 00000000
049E4F60 00000000

Particle Eleminator -NTSC_KO-
049DA57C 00000000
049DA580 00000000

This code remove particles or make them invisible so that you will freeze less at item spamming for online game play and makes the game load the track a bit faster. Credits to Anarion, EvilRobot by the original Code.


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