sharing invincible online for legits

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sharing invincible online for legits Empty sharing invincible online for legits

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 16, 2014 8:06 am

ok im going to show you the secret to sharing invincible with players online Posted Image its not a individual code but a code combination Posted Image 1. first you need bullys triple item hack .this will not work without it and its the most powerful item hack you can get for online Posted Image

http://www.bullywiih...k-generator-v13 you need invincible on a switch Posted Image i will use mine for an example/

28341462 7FFF8000
0457B018 60000000
C2597E3C 00000002
38000001 9803000A
80030008 00000000
CC000000 00000000
28341462 7FFF8000 i use the home button but you can change it Posted Image same button on/off
0457B018 90030008
04597E3C 80030008
E0000000 80008000

3. make sure you have no disconnect

No Disconnect -PAL- [Bully@Wiiplaza /

04521408 38000000
0453EC94 38000000
0453EF6C 38000000
0453F0B4 38000000
0453F124 38000000

No Disconnect -NTSCU- [Bully@Wiiplaza /

0451CF94 38000000
04539758 38000000
04539A30 38000000
04539B78 38000000
04539BE8 38000000

No Disconnect -NTSCJ- [Bully@Wiiplaza /

04520D88 38000000
0453E614 38000000
0453E8EC 38000000
0453EA34 38000000
0453EAA4 38000000

No Disconnect -NTSCK- [Bully@Wiiplaza /

0450F42C 38000000
0452CCEC 38000000
0452CFC4 38000000
0452D10C 38000000
0452D17C 38000000

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once you have these then you can use in liveview/races.. Posted Image it works best if activated in liveview before a race Posted Image have fun Posted ImagePosted Image

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