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Post by Admin on Wed Apr 16, 2014 8:11 am

Regional Changer NTSC-U [hybrid]
0464F1BC 38A000XX
04654D84 38E000XX
04655BAC 388000XX

Regional Changer PAL
04653644 38A000XX
0465920C 38E000XX
0465A034 388000XX

Regional Changer NTSC-J
04652CB0 38A000XX
04658878 38E000XX
046596A0 388000XX

Regional Battle Changer NTSC-U
04654D84 38A000XX
04654DD8 38E000XX
04655BF8 388000XX

Regional Battle Changer PAL
0465920C 38A000XX
04659260 38E000XX
0465A080 388000XX

Regional Battle Changer NTSC-J
04658878 38A000XX
046588CC 38E000XX
046596EC 388000XX

XX values: (Put The Same Value All)
JP 00
US 01
EU 02

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