change character between races wifi

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change character between races wifi Empty change character between races wifi

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:25 am

045FD1A4 4BA03C74 ntsc-u
04000E18 7FE3FB78
04000E1C 3880006B
04000E20 485F1035
04000E24 7FE3FB78
04000E28 3880006C
04000E2C 485F1029
04000E30 7FE3FB78
04000E34 3880006D
04000E38 485F101D
04000E3C 7FE3FB78
04000E40 485FC368
04000EB0 808B2EF0
04000EC0 80000EC4
04000EC4 3AA00001
04000EC8 3E808000
04000ECC 92B40EAC
04000ED0 3AA00000
04000ED4 3A800000
04000ED8 485B57DC
C25F1F74 00000010
3EC08000 3A600000
82D60EAC 7C13B000
41820068 3EC08000
82D60EA4 7C16F000
40820058 3EC08000
83D60EA8 92760EAC
82760EA8 82D60EA0
82D60248 3AD6006C
92D3090C 92D30848
3CA00100 90B300D4
3E608000 82730EA0
827301B8 92D306F0
3E608000 82730EA0
827301BC 92D306C4
3A600000 3AC00000
54C0103A 60000000
C25FD21C 0000000A
7FE3FB78 3E808000
90740EA0 826301C0
92740EA4 826301B4
92740EA8 8263024C
82730024 82730008
3A400EB0 7E949214
929301BC 82730224
3E808000 92740EB4
3E600000 3E800000
3A400000 60000000

Go to a WW or Regional VS races with the code on.
When on a VR screen, press START (if GCN) or + (if any other controller) to access the character select screen.

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