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future fly lite

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 15, 2014 11:31 pm

[Future Fly Light (Wiimote) - NTSC-U *[JAE]untested has left ,right forward and reverse /light version of future fly
04001600 43700000
04001604 42F00000
04001608 43400000
0400160C 43700000
04001610 BD500000
04001614 BD800000
C27E4C9A 00000003
3DE08000 5460063E
1E600004 926F1534
60000000 00000000
28341462 FCFF0300
C25AA6FC 0000001B
EC7A01F2 3E408000
3DE08034 3DC0809C
81CED110 81CE0020
82721534 7DCE9A14
81CE0000 81CE0024
81CEFFF8 81CE0008
81CE0008 39CE0010
7C0EF000 40820098
C03E0068 C33E006C
C2FE0070 3DC0808B
C20E053C A1CF1462
C2521610 FE209050
FE508CAE C2321600
71D30400 2C130400
40820014 C2321604
FE208850 FE409050
48000010 71D30800
2C130800 40820028
C27EFF94 EE730472
EC21982A C27EFFA4
EE730472 EF39982A
C27EFFB4 EE730472
EEF7982A C26F14C0
EE5204F2 D25E00E8
C26F14C4 FE609850
C2321614 EE3104F2
D23E00E4 00000000
CC000000 00000000
045AA6FC EC7A01F2
E0000000 80008000

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