unban and keep your friends list/roster

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unban and keep your friends list/roster Empty unban and keep your friends list/roster

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 19, 2014 3:30 pm

if nintendo being an ass they will try to ban you without you knowing it  Evil or Very Mad  heres how to tell  cyclops  you keep freezing at the end of the countdown  affraid 
or you can only race once in a while and you still freeze at the countdown screen  What a Face  this code will change your friend code and allow you to keep your friends list too.. bounce  use this code only no others on a gct using code manager ..load into wii, run just like you do with codes click on the profile you want to change  Rolling Eyes 
it will be blank [no license number]go to a worldwide,let it connect all the way ,before you start a race power off and then insert your regular gct with hacks  cherry 
and then load it and click on your profile  rabbit  yay!!!! new license and you still keep your friends  jocolor 

Unban without save loss [XeR] NTSC-U
C20EC634 00000002
3BE00000 93E30018
60000000 00000000

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